Building Maintenance

Maintaining a commercial property is important to do on a schedule because if you wait till things break like a roof leaking or fire extinguishers become out of date or electrical devices trip the circuit breakers then you will have people who can’t do their work and potential safety issues.

The following a services we recommend for building maintenance so that you can keep your property in top shape which will help maintain its value and be more likely to stay fully rented because it will be a desirable property.

Amazing Roof Restorations

Most commercial buildings have huge coverings of colorbond type roof material that is strong and long lasting but problems can emerge over time. Save the bother of having damaged stock or equipment due to roof leaks and damage by getting your roof inspected, repaired and painted by Amazing Roof Restorations.

Plus if you get your roof painted a reflective white you may even save on cooling costs in the warmer months because less heat will be absorbed.

amazing roof restorations

Pacific Boilers

When you are in the food processing business or have a factory where you need hot water, steam and pressure in commercial volumes then a boiler is going to be one of your crucial facilities. Once an operation gets beyond a hobby size then issues of hot water become much more serious and only a professional boiler engineer can ensure that your operations are free of problems year round.

pacific boilers

Uneek Security Doors

Properly installed and secured security doors will help protect your commercial property from thieves and yet provide a pleasing aesthetic. A security door is going to withstand rocks and other hand thrown projectiles much more effectively than a glass door.

uneek security doors

Chainwire Fencing Specialist

With a large industrial facility or commercial premises in an industrial estate comes security issues. You know there won’t be many people around on weekends and late at night so make sure you have at least the first line of defence done right with a security chainwire mesh fence topped by barbed wire.

chainwire fencing specialst

If you have other commercial and business building maintenance services you need help with let us know.