Newcastle Commercial and Business Services

There are a range of other property maintenance services you are likely to need if you are based in Newcastle, have a home or office in Newcastle or in the surrounding regions.

Whether you are a strata manager, property investor, real estate agent or executive assistant looking for reliable service providers in Newcastle for your organisation we are happy to make the following recommendation for other property maintenance related services.

Pest Control Management Services

Commercial properties need appropriate pest control and annual maintenance. Make sure you have a plan for the pest management of your building.

local pest control

Waste Removal Skip Bin Services

With every large organisation comes the occasional times when there is a big cleanup or renovation of a site or facility. The best way to deal with the waste is with multiple sorted skip bins which will save time and cost in disposal fees.

newcastle skip bins

Commercial Leather Surface and Lounge Cleaning

Motels, offices, waiting rooms and more. There is leather all around us and it gets dirty. If you have a reception setting with leather chairs it is a good idea to get them cleaned at least every few years to help protect the surface.

leather king

Storage Containers

Have you got equipment that needs to be stored securely in a location near Newcastle? The facilities provided by Removals and Storage Newcastle are well suited to the short or long term storage of bulky commercial equipment in large quantities. If using a local storage shed is getting too expensive then containerised storage could be just the answer to your problem.

storage containers

Office Relocations

When its time to pack up your whole office and move to a bigger premises you don’t want to be scrambling to do it all yourself on the weekend by hiring a truck and potentially injuring your staff when they try and lift something too heavy. Leave it to professional removalists to transport your office furniture, equipment and technology to your new location.

office relocations

Other commercial and business services

If there is a business or commercial service you need a recommendation for let us know and we will do our best to assist.