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Blinds, shutters, awnings and curtains

Blinds, shutters, awnings and curtains

10 Incredible Tips on Current Trends for Window Treatments

Wanting to Update Your Curtains and Blinds in 2017?

Window treatments – gosh sounds like beauty treatments. I suppose you could easily mistake the one for the other. You want to treat yourself to some beauty in your life and your home? Well, who doesn’t?  Just that re-doing your windows is a little more expensive than going for a facial.  So before you launch into something that you think is cool, follow these tips and you won’t go wrong.

Not much has really changed in the trends in window treatments, other than:

  • Keep things as simple as possible.
  • Make sure that there is not too much of one thing.
  • Minimalise rather than go ornate.
  • The look must be clean and crisp.

1. Use Pattern – it is still a good look

I recently visited my top fabric house and was amazed that pattern is still very much in. I still love the geometric look and the complimenting textures and designs that match.  I think stripes are big this year and if you match them with a light floral they will remain on trend for an age.

2. Go Wide (not wild)

The trend and this is a really nice one, is to make the window look bigger and to do this you need to make the curtains wider and longer.  This gives the visual width required and is easily achieved by hanging them beyond the frame of the window.  Also take into consideration here that when you draw the curtains, they need to be able to stack easily on the side of the frame without covering too much of the window itself.

3. Layer upon Layer

I am not mad about layering, but in some instances, it is working still and many people still love it.  Make sure that each layer compliments the other by blending colours and tones. If you want a really cosy feel, a bind can be used behind the curtains.

Keep it simple though – remember simplicity rules in 2017.

4. Atmosphere or Tone – just as in music

First things first – ask yourself what is the tone of the room you are wanting to decorate and how is your window treatment idea going to accomplish this.  I am putting new curtains into my holiday home where the view is quite magnificent.  That is the beauty of the room, so the decision was to keep it restful and not intrude on the view.

A solid, light colour will do the trick.  The texture is whimsical and light and will not take away from the main purpose of the window and that is to look out.

5. Matchy-Matchy

Yes, it is important.  Don’t hang your geometric curtains in a room that is wallpapered in heavy florals.  You may say that goes without saying, but dang, I have seen quite a few homes that the decorator simply did not consider the overall look.  If you want geometric patterns or stripes, make sure the walls match. 

6. Vertical and horizontal bands – it still adds interest

This is still very much in as it is a clever way to add interest as a window treatment technique. It is especially striking if you need to add a visual perspective of height or width to the window.

I find a plain curtain with a vertical band on the sides in a floral or geometric pattern particularly attractive when it matches to say the duvet cover or the cushions on the furniture. 

7. Pleating is longer, softer and looser

Formality in a home is not really a big thing these days, so keep your pleating contemporary by making them longer and softer. It will add a more casual tone to the room.  But this is a very personal part of your design decision. I am doing my holiday home in long and inverted pleats because not only do I like a less formal look, but the height of the window allows for this.  So here you need to consider the window itself; don’t add length to the pleat if the height of the curtain is going to be low as this will be proportionately out of kilter.

Pinch pleats are still very much in and they remain the elegant choice of many a decorator. The best thing about them is that they retain their shape whether the curtain is open or closed.

8. Metallic Blinds on trend – yet again

I was looking at the new metal blinds in my friend’s house the other day and thought they were actually looking pretty cool as a window dressing.

They have come back into fashion because of the high-tech feel that some people are looking for.  The open plan home where the kitchen is incorporated into the overall living area and metal blinds go with stainless steel appliances. 

They also look great in loft type living spaces and double volume ceiling areas. 

9. Plantation Shutters – that perpetual holiday feeling

Yes, these are still very much in folks.  But, take care as to where you have them made and how they are fitted.  I hear all too often people complaining that they don’t close properly.  Do yourself a favour and only have them made and hung by the professionals. 

They still add a romantic feel to a room and come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  I love them on a patio or in a sunny room. Put a palm tree in a pot and pour yourself apiña colada!

10. Grommets are only on trend if they are lavish

To do this make sure that you have at least 8 folds at the top and this may mean you need to buy two sets. Otherwise, they look mean and nasty.  You want a lavish feel to them and they must open and close easily.  They certainly do justice in a casual room.

Options galore for 2017 in window treatments!  Have fun exploring them.